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4 Annoying Mistakes To Avoid During A Zoom interview

The pandemic has changed everything from the way we work to the way we shop and communicate. Virtual interviews have replaced the usual in person interviews as it’s safer. It is still important to be prepared and plan for this interview just like you would any other. To help you increase your chances of having a successful interview, we have a few tips of things you should avoid during virtual interviews.

Too much fidgeting/being distracted

Too many little gestures such as, fidgeting with your hair and clothes and checking your phone can be distracting. You would not check your phone during a sit down in person interview, and you should treat virtual interviews the same. Body language is important, make sure engaged and you’re an active listener. Nod when necessary, smile and keep gestures to a minimum.

Not being prepared

Before you sit down for your interview, make sure you have everything you need on hand- a copy of your cv, references, portfolio ready to show. You don’t want to have to ask the interviewer to stop whilst you look for something. Make sure your phone is on silent or on do not disturb. Being prepared will make you feel more confident and ready. Make sure you have a glass of water on hand just in case, because interview nerves can cause a dry mouth.

Interviewing in a messy environment

Tidy up the background where you will be doing the interview because an untidy background look unprofessional. Having a tidy workspace can put you in a positive and calmer mindset for the interview. Also, make sure you pick an area that isn’t too noisy because that can also be distracting.

Being late

Join the meeting ahead of time, especially if you’re using a platform you are not familiar with. This will help you avoid technical difficulties. There is nothing worse than joining the interview stressed and distracted.

Remember to relax and be yourself. You got this!

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