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4 Tech Skills That Every Office Worker Should Have

Technology is constantly changing and employers are looking for employers that are tech savvy, even for non-tech jobs. We have compiled a list of 4 basic tech skills that every employee should have.

Social Media

In today’s climate, social media savviness is vital, no matter what role you are in. The most important platforms to be familiar with are the most popular ones, which are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social media is a great place to share, engage and access information from clients, customers and future prospects.

Keyboard shortcuts

Whether you have a Mac or Windows computer learning basic keyboard shortcuts can help you work faster and easier. If you need to know more about keyboard shortcuts, check these out: Windows & Apple


Being able to troubleshoot your own technical issues can show that you are not afraid to do your own research and find a solution on your own. It is also really useful because you can tell your IT department what you have tried, so they don’t have to start from scratch.


Lastly, no office is complete without a spreadsheet application. Whether your company uses Microsoft Excel or other applications, they can be highly advanced. Even if creating advanced spreadsheets isn’t part of your job, it is still necessary for you to learn the basics and it doesn’t take long to learn.

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