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5 Reasons Why Being a Recruiter is Awesome

If you have just graduated and are not sure what do next, or you have found yourself at a career crossroads, then you should consider going into recruitment. Wait, don’t leave! Recruitment is one of those jobs that people judge and overlook because it is a misunderstood profession. But I’m going to tell you why being a recruiter is awesome and why you should consider a job as a recruitment consultant.

1. Money, Money, Money

If you want to work hard for good rewards then recruitment is the perfect industry. Unlike other jobs where you can work for years without a pay rise, as a recruiter you are be rewarded for the work that you do. In addition recruiter positions are needed in all industries, so you will have more opportunities when job searching. This can be helpful if you decide to make a career move in the future because you are constantly learning, and you will have picked up in depth industry knowledge and a huge network of contacts.

2. Progression opportunities

There is scope for development with comprehensive in-house training to help you develop your career and become accustomed to the industry. Plus there are a wide range of transferable skills you can gain from working as a recruitment consultant that will suit a variety of roles in different markets. But, unlike other professions, if you stick with recruitment it takes less time to reach senior positions.

 3. Changing people’s lives

Another reason why working in recruitment rocks is because what you do what actually matters. Getting a job can change someone’s life completely and as a recruiter you will have played a massive role in this! And even if a candidate doesn’t get the job you can still make an impact in that person’s life by informally coaching them on how they can do a better job so they can land their next role.

4. Exciting 

How many people do you know that can truly say their job is exciting? Recruitment is a fast paced industry – whether it’s securing a candidate a job or closing a business deal there is always something exciting going on.

Plus your trivia skills will be at an unrivalled level. Imagine it’s trivia night at the pub and one of the questions is “What does HTTP stand for?” Then you remember you recruited a developer the other day not knowing this knowledge would be instrumental in helping out your team get a point ahead.

5. The people

One of the greatest parts about working as a recruiter is you get to meet and interact with different and interesting people from all walks of life, and build great relationships with them. If you are a people person and enjoy building relationships, you will love this job!

If you are an independent minded self-starter with confidence and the desire to succeed then you’ll thrive as a recruiter!

Considering a career as a recruitment consultant? Get in touch with Megan on 0117 403 1444 or send your CV to

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