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5 Signs it’s definitely time for a career change

With the increasingly competitive nature of the job market, changing careers can be a bit daunting. If you’re feeling like something is not quite right with your career, here’s a quick list of the signs that may indicate it’s time for a change

Your job is impacting your emotional wellbeing

It’s not worth staying in a job that makes you feel bad about yourself. If you are starting to feel undervalued and are doubting yourself and the work that you do, it may be time to move on. Staying in a career that isn’t fulfilling can have a bad impact on your self-esteem and emotional wellbeing.

You dream of a different career

There is nothing wrong with a bit of daydreaming here and there. But if you find yourself zoning out often at work, Googling jobs and daydreaming about what it’s like to work from your bed then you need to find something that interests you.

You’re lacking motivation and energy

We’ve all had days at work where we are feeling a little bit low on motivation and enthusiasm to work but this shouldn’t be a regular thing. You may find that there are certain tasks that are annoying to do, but if you find your whole job boring and are struggling to find the motivation to work overall, then it’s time look for another job.

You have job envy

Find yourself feeling jealous of your friend’s jobs? Are you constantly exclaiming how awesome your friends’ jobs sound? Think about whether it is the role you are jealous of or whether it is something else like the company culture, flexibility, values etc. This can help you find the direction you want your career to head in.

You’re just in it for the money

Of course, everyone works to get money but if you’re always telling yourself you’ll stay for the quarterly bonus or you keep spending your money treating yourself to make up for having a job you hate, then that’s a problem. You are better off having a career where you feel like you are following your passion and brings you personal and professional satisfaction, than a job you absolutely hate just for the money.

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