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5 signs you’re working with a great recruiter

Recruiters tend to have a bad rep amongst a lot of people but we would like to believe that we’re different. General stereotypes of a recruiter are that they are greedy, liars and only care about a sale. But there are plenty of good, ethical and helpful recruiters in the industry. Check out this list of 5 things you will find in a good recruiter.

They treat you like a customer

To a good recruiter, you are not just a candidate, you are also a customer. They want to make your experience with them a good one. They will invest time and energy into researching you and want to know who you are not just what your CV looks like. They learn about your hobbies and interests so they can get the best suitable job for you. They do a better job if they understand what you are looking for.

They keep in touch

A good recruiter keeps in touch and makes an effort to let you know that they’re still there if you ever considered a new role.  And we’re not talking about them calling you all the time or pestering you with emails all the time. They’ll touch base once in a while to continually build a relationship with you. And during your job searching process, they will communicate with you clearly and concisely. You will not have trouble getting hold of them. And you don’t have to worry about them disappearing.

They have market niche/market knowledge

They not only specialise within your market niche, but they are also up to date with the latest trends that affect your industry. They will be fully aware of the challenges your sector is facing and will be extensively and well networked within your industry.

They have your back

If something goes wrong with your contract or you have questions about your role or paycheck, you should be able to call or text your recruiter and get an honest response. They will be your advocate and they will have your back and make things right.

They’re worth the referral

Most recruitment agencies will offer a referral bonus. A great recruiter will make you want to refer them to others because you genuinely think they provide a great service and an experience that should be shared.

They focus on your career, not just jobs

The best recruiters will put your career first. They don’t just focus on getting you into a role right now they will also talk to you about future positions and plans. They will ask you about your long-term career goals so that the roles they recommend you today will set you up for the jobs you want in the future.

Having a great recruiter relationship will pave a way for you to get the jobs you want and providing support throughout your job search process.  Are you looking for a great technical recruiter? Speak to one of our consultants today on 0117 103 1444. Check out our latest live roles here

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