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6 Unusual labour laws across the world

Metabo Law (Fat Tax) Japan

In 2008 Japan introduced the Metabo Law in an attempt to reduce the number of overweight citizens. The law requires the local government and companies to measure employees aged between 40 and 75 to make sure that their waistlines don’t fall outside of predetermined limits. These limits are 33.5 inches for men and 35.4 inches for women. If the employee exceeds the weight limit or they have a weight-related illness, they will be required to go to dieting classes

Women prohibited working at night Madagascar

In Madagascar, there is a law that prohibits women from working at night. The only exception to this rule is for establishments where the only ones employed are members of the same family.

You can nap at work in Japan

In Japan, you can take a nap at work. Yes, you read that right! It might even get you a promotion in the near future, as it shows the level of “dedication” you have for your job. But there’s a catch to this sleeping habit, you have to stay upright and behind your desk for your naps.

Women only to work in lingerie shops in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, only women are allowed to work in lingerie shops. This regulation was introduced after many Saudi women said that they felt uncomfortable buying lingerie from men.

No after work emails in France

In order to restore work-life balance, French companies are with more than 50 employees are required to guarantee workers the right to disconnect from technology after work. The goal of the law is to ensure that employees are paid fairly and prevent burning out.

You can’t fire an employee in Portugal

Did you know that in Portugal you can’t fire anyone? Employers aren’t allowed to include a termination period in an employment contract which means they can’t legally fire someone. That means the Portuguese workforce is largely employed on fixed-term contracts or taken on through temp agencies.


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