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Cadence Gets Active!

Recently the Cadence team entered into a workplace challenge – the Wesport Workplace Softball Tournament 2017! It was a 2 part event, an initiative by West of England Sports Trust (Westport) to encourage workplaces to get active.

In typical British style, the weather was stunning the first day and…not so stunning the next, but we powered on despite the sheet rain!

None of the team here at Cadence had played softball before (it is a cross between baseball and rounders, using a bigger ball and the fielders wearing catching gloves) but we gave it our all – a couple of home runs were had and a few of the opposing team caught out. The competitive spirit was strong (with some of the team taking it more seriously than others!) but more importantly, it was great fun and a fantastic way to learn a new sport, meet some other business teams and get active!

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