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Career boosting podcasts you should listen to

The right podcast can put you in the right frame of mind and help you achieve your goals. Whether you want a promotion, some motivation, a change of career, or a side gig, these podcasts could be useful!

How To Be Awesome At Your Job

Boost your time/energy management, leadership, confidence, career opportunities, and fulfilment with this podcast. Each episode the host interviews thought-leaders and results-getters to discover specific, actionable insights that boost work performance.

Get What You Want

You’re ambitious and want to be successful, but is it enough to succeed? This podcast is hosted by Baroness Karren Brady and focuses on being a woman and succeeding in business. Each episode Karren interviews influential women and share stories and how they overcame challenges in their career.

Accidental Tech Podcast

Accidental Tech Podcast is hosted by three developers and they discuss a range of things from latest products, latest industry news to programming languages.

Lead To Win

A former publishing house CEO Michael Hyatt gives practical tips on how to boost energy, become a morning person and other helpful insights to help you win at work.

How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

This podcast celebrates things that haven’t gone right. Each episode the host interviews famous celebrities and influential people about what their failures have taught them and how it helped them succeed.

The Future Of Work

The host, Jacob Morgan identifies what the future of work is going to look like. Each episode business leaders and HR experts give insights into how the workplace is changing so you can future proof your career.

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