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Genuine job or a scam?: Here are some red flags to look out for

Since the pandemic job scams have been on the rise.  As more and more of us use online tools to search for new job opportunities, fraudsters and scammers have found new ways to defraud the public. In this post, we have gathered up a list of red flags to be on the look for when you’re searching for your dream role.

The pay is too good to be true

If you’re job hunting you probably have an idea of the average salary required for the role and the industry you want to work in. If you find a job offering way more money than the average, then you should be wary.

Vague job description or requirements

You get the job description but it is not clear exactly what experience is needed or what your duties will be.  Job descriptions should be easy to understand and you should be able to get an idea of what you will be doing based on the job description.

They ask for personal information

If they start asking you for personal information such as your banking information or other personal or confidential information during the interview stage, then you should be cautious.

The company has no online presence

Whenever you are applying for a job, you should always do some research into who the company is. Take a look at their website, watch out for the ones that are too vague and basic. Do they have the team or company owners listed with their contact details? Look them up on LinkedIn and check out any other social media accounts the company might have.

You are asked to pay something

You are most likely to see this if you are looking at remote roles. They may ask you to pay money for software. services or tools. Legitimate companies will not ask you for money.

They offer you the job on the spot

If they offer you a job straight away after a phone call or a short interview. Something suspicious is going on. They should want to talk to you first to find out whether you have the right skills and experience. Will you be the right fit for the company and the role?

Unprofessional emails

A lot of the emails from these scammers are not professionally written. There will be punctuation and grammatical errors.

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