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How to Answer “What Are Your Hobbies?” in an Interview

“What are your hobbies?” a question you may be asked in an interview. But how do you answer it in the right way? In an interview, the hiring managers are looking out for if you can do the job and what you would bring to the company. Many interviewers understand the stress of the interview process, so they may ask questions such as this to create a friendly dialogue. How you answer this question is still important because the interviewer still cares about what you have to say. Here are some ways you can approach the question:

Choosing a hobby to talk about

It’s usually advised to tailor your responses to interview questions to the job you’re applying for. When answering this question this isn’t necessary- unless you have a job that ties into the role you’re applying for and has transferrable skills that aren’t highlighted in your work experience. You could think beyond the job skill and pick a hobby that shows how you could add to the company environment. Before going into an interview, you should always do some research into the company. Check out the company’s social media profiles and take a look at what group activities they partake in that align with your hobbies.

Don’t try to make up that you think will be right for the role.

Avoid anything political unless its directly relevant to the job

Avoid mentioning anything illegal and avoid saying you don’t have any hobbies.

If you don’t have any hobbies

If you’re thinking “But I don’t have any hobbies!” don’t panic. There is something in your life that you care about and do it frequently that you may not consider a hobby. You don’t have to do something as part of a formal group for it to be classed as a hobby. What do you do for fun? What do you do outside of work?

If you don’t have that much free time, you can use something that you have done in the past.

What should you tell your interviewer about your hobby?

Don’t just state what your hobby is. Start by giving some details to what your hobby looks like for you and perhaps how you got into it. Your explanation can reveal a great deal about your interests, strengths, and values. Try and convey genuine enthusiasm for what role the hobby serves in your life.

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