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How to craft the perfect elevator pitch for your job search

An effective elevator pitch could be the difference between securing a new connection and a lost opportunity. You can use an elevator pitch during networking events, job fairs, interviews, and on your business profiles. It should cover: who you are, what you do and what you want to do (if you’re job hunting). Done right it can help you introduce yourself to new business connections, build your network or land a job.

How to craft your elevator speech

Grab their attention– open your speech with something relatable and captivating. This is also the perfect time to start establishing a relationship. If you know you went to the same university as the hiring manager or the person you’re speaking to, mention it.

Summarise your background and goals– What are is your experience? What are your goals? If you have any specialised certifications or are affiliated with any organisations make a note of it.

Highlight your unique qualities– What qualities make you stand out? The person knows how many years you have been working in your industry, but what makes YOU unique? What are you bringing to the table?

End with a call to action- Give them something to do with the information you have presented. If you are at a networking event give them your business card.

Practice- Take time to create your pitch. Practice it and make sure that it is between 30-60 seconds long. Memorise it so that it doesn’t sound so rehearsed. Ask friends or family for feedback.

Delivering the pitch

-Be confident but don’t be arrogant. Show your passion and confidence in your industry, job and craft.

-Relax and speak slowly. If you consciously speak slower you can help yourself appear more in control which naturally draws the listener in.

-Avoid rambling, remember it should be short and sweet.

-Be positive and persuasive!



I fell in love with technology after winning a programming contest in high school. This led to a degree in computer science and I have worked in IT for 8 years. I have recently wrapped a contract as a senior data analyst with a large bioinformatics firm and I am now looking for opportunities with other large medical data organisations. If you know anyone with contract opportunities for data analysts, I hope you send them my way!

After graduating with my degree in Business Administration, I’ve spent the last 4 years building my professional experiences as an Executive Assistant. Whilst I’ve been working at [name of company] I have achieved XYZ which has resulted in XYZ for the business. I’ve always been excited about the way sports can bring cultures together and would love the opportunity to bring my leadership abilities and project management to this role. 

I am a senior project manager with a creative attitude to problem-solving. In my current position at [company name], my recent challenge has been… I did XYZ to resolve the issue. Which resulted in XYZ. I know that one of your key principles are XYZ. I’m sure I can use my expertise to achieve great results with this initiative


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