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How to enhance teamwork in the workplace

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to how to improve teamwork in the workplace. How do you build a teamwork culture that allows your company and team to thrive? Here are some ideas and tips that we have put together.

Build a diverse and inclusive team

A team with people from different backgrounds are more likely to bring diverse perspectives and ideas to the table. A group of like-minded people may sound like it would be great but you miss out on fresh and creative ideas that a diverse team can bring.

Create teamwork recognition programmes

Create rewards and publicly acknowledge the hard work of effective and collaborative teams. These could be awards, certificates or prizes. Having incentives for your teams will encourage them to work more collaboratively.

Utilise your shared soft resources

When thinking about resources that may be shared amongst the team the common ones people may think of are money, equipment etc. Make the most of soft resources because this will help foster a healthy and profitable environment for both workers and management.

Create spaces for conversation

Create an environment where team members can communicate openly and share ideas and opinions without being shut down. Communication should be flowing upward and downward between team members.

Set clear goals for the team

Having clear and definitive goals. Good teamwork is not going to happen if no one is sure what they are working towards.

Give your team autonomy

Trust them to make their own decisions and empower them to make their own decisions regarding their work. This allows them to work more collectively and more engaged with their work because they don’t always have to rely on management to issue orders

Create team traditions

To create a sense of unity and a collaborative environment encourage teams to have lunches or coffees together. Friday drinks, team competitions etc.

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