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How to make a good first impression when you start a job remotely

Traditionally ways to make a good first impression at work means dressing appropriately, showing up on time, and showing your work ethic. However remote jobs have become more popular and the new normal, especially recently due to the pandemic. We have created a list of tips below to help you make a good impression if you’re starting a new job working from home.

Practice and test technology ahead of time

Take some time to test your video conferencing resources, lighting, video angles, etc ahead of time. Trying to figure out how everything works on your first day can add to the first day nerves and stress. Your employer may provide you with the equipment you need, but you should always ask questions to make sure you are set up correctly. Take the initiative and ask your employer about available tech support, in case you have issues.

Be timely

Whether it’s a project, phone calls, or emails, be punctual and timely. Respond to messages and phone calls promptly even if it is just acknowledging you have received someone’s message.  This will create a great first impression if your boss and your co-workers know that they can count on you to put in your best effort and complete tasks on time.

Become an active communicator

One of the challenges of working remotely is communicating with the rest of your team/co-workers. Be active with your communication, including asking questions and participating in group chats and calls. If your team uses communication apps, such as Zoom, Slack, or Teams, take some time out to familiarise yourself with those platforms. Active communication can show employers that you are engaged and take your work seriously.

Make connections

Making contact with your boss is essential, but also making contact with your co-workers sends the message that you are part of the team and are invested in its success. Take some time aside from work to learn about your co-workers and share a bit about yourself as well. Making personal and emotional connections with people you work with creates better work relationships.

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