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How to nail your job search when you’re busy/ have a full time job

Job-hunting is challenging enough when you have a typical full-time career. It is essential to make time for job hunting when you’re looking for a new role. But the last thing you want to add to your 9-5 is a 5-9. So why don’t you try out some of these tips to help you make the most of your busy schedule?

Strictly Schedule Your Time- Pick a specific time to dedicate to job searching. This will help you stay focused and prioritise your time and responsibilities. Set aside a block of time to just browse, using Google, job boards, or individual company websites.

Network- If you don’t have time to search for a job during business hours, use other channels to conduct your search. Make sure your social media channels are up to date. Inform those you trust that you’re looking for opportunities. Use your lunch break to conduct your search, set up meetings with contacts and set up interviews. Attend networking events after work.

Sign up for job alerts- Sign up for job alert emails for job openings that match your search criteria. This is a great way to find out about new job openings.

Prepare for the job search– Set time aside in the week to prepare a few different versions of your CV and cover letter. Organise all your personal information such as previous job titles, duties, referees, in a spreadsheet to make it easier to copy and paste when you’re filling in online applications.

Make the most of Google Reader– Google Reader is a great way to organise your go-to company career sites and job searches. Add the RSS feeds of the job boards you frequent most, then organise the feeds based on job title, location, and priority.

Use LinkedIn- Applying via LinkedIn is faster, especially if you’re on your phone. Many job boards will allow you to apply with a LinkedIn profile. Just make sure your profile is up to date and properly shows off experience and expertise.

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