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How to stay motivated during the holidays

The festive season is a busy period for most people and it can be a productivity killer. Whether you celebrate it or not your day to day is going to be affected in some way. Here are a few tips to help you keep your motivation and the productivity ball rolling during the Christmas period.


Planning ahead will save you a lot of stress. Make a list of the things you need to do this month and in January. Prioritise tasks and make to-do lists. Use this time to reflect on the work you have done so far this year and how you can make next year better and more successful and productive.

Don’t over commit

There are so many parties and events happening in December and it can be easy to over commit to plans. Try not to overdo it and try to find a suitable way to maintain healthy work to life balance.

Don’t take the work home with you

It can be tempting to take some work home with you when you’re really busy. At home, you’re more likely to have loads of distractions, which will likely you make you less focused and you end up not doing much work. Try to do everything in the office, even if it’s a small task. The office/ your working environment will make you feel more motivated to do your work instead of a cosy, relaxing environment like your home.

Attend networking events

You will probably be attending a few events during the Christmas period, so try to meet people in your industry and network. Events and parties around this time of the year could be the perfect time to meet new clients, potential employers. Prioritise the events that will give you more networking opportunities.

Create a festive atmosphere

A great way to stay motivated is allowing yourself to get involved and enjoying the season. Have a bit of fun- host a secret Santa in the office. Arrange a team Christmas dinner or party. Decorate the office. It’s better to give yourself time to celebrate and go with the flow rather than overworking and stressing yourself out the entire time.

No multitasking

If you want to get things done you should avoid multitasking. And not just during the festive period but throughout the year as well.

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