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Inspiring LGBTQ+ Tech Leaders Shaping Our Future

Tech leaders shaping the world of tech and  helping to promote diversity, inclusion and LGBTQ+ rights in the industry

Tim Cook – CEO of Apple

Currently the Chief Executive Officer of the tech giant, Apple since 2011, Tim Cook became the first chief executive of a Fortune 500 company to come out as gay.

Leanne Pittsford – Founder and CEO of Lesbians Who Tech

Leanne is the CEO and Founder of Lesbians Who Tech, the largest LGBTQ community of technologists in the world — committed to visibility, intersectionality, and changing the face of technology with 100,000 non-binary, LGBTQ women, queer women of colour (and allies) in tech

Hayley Sudbury – Founder and CEO of WERKIN

Successful banker turned entrepreneur, Hayley Sudbury is the founder and CEO of WERKIN, a company which creates mentoring and career development programmes, supporting workplace inclusion like professional LGBT+ communities, and ethnic minorities.

Joel Simkhai – Founder and Former CEO of Grindr

Joel Simkhai is the founder and former CEO of geosocial networking and dating apps Grindr and Blendr. Simkhai has always used his platform to promote gay rights and raise money for LGBTQ+ causes.

Jon Hall: Board chair for the Linux Professional Institute

Jon aka “maddog” is a veteran computer programmer and currently the board chair for the Linux Professional Institute. He has concentrated on Unix systems since 1980 and Linux systems since 1994. He has travelled the world speaking on the benefits of open source software and is the co-founder of a single-board computer project, Caninos Loucos.

Belton Flournoy Founder of Protiviti

Belton is the founder of Protiviti a global consulting firm, which was named the Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index (2017-2022) He was also the founder of Pride in the City for Pride in London, an initiative to increase diversity and inclusivity across London Businesses.

Rachel Higham BT

Rachel is a former Managing Director of IT for BT and currently the Chief Information Officer for WPP. She is a passionate advocate of equality and inclusion ain everything she does and has inspired 5,500 colleagues to embrace inclusive design and has lead BT’s Tech Women Programme.

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