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Is contracting the right move for your career?

Contractors are usually employed on a fixed term basis and are paid daily or weekly. IT contracting is popular and has allowed people with specific tech skills to assist companies with delivering projects. The trend toward employing contract staff is growing as companies are recognising that the benefits of a more flexible workforce so there are always jobs available. If you are considering making a career move into becoming a contractor, here are some key benefits to consider.

Varied work environments

If you enjoy a diverse working life, contracting provides constant stimulation. As it’s often project-based contractors can engage with a wide variety of cultures, environments and style, by working for different companies. It also provides you with valuable experience for your future career.

Flexible working

You can choose when to work and when not to, and many contractors have greater control over working hours and locations. The flexible nature of contracting allows for holidays or time off between contracts, giving you greater control over your work/life balance.

Control over how you work

Becoming a contractor will allow you to decide the type of work and projects you want to be involved in. You can work where you want when you want, and with who you want. And you have flexibility over how you are employed e.g. via a limited company, an umbrella company or directly through an agency.

Pay conditions

In some industries, such as IT, contracting is paid significantly more than permanent roles in the same field. A contractor can earn up to twice as much as a permanent worker. However, this is balanced with no paid sick leave or annual leave.


It’s a great opportunity to build relationships across different companies. If you provide a good service to each company, this will build your reputation as a reliable expert. Creating a strong reputation will help you further your contract work and it could open up doors for permanent work.


Contracting could help you choose which skills to develop and what training you take. You are in control of your own skill development. In addition, if you are in between jobs or out of work, contracting can be a useful stepping stone to your next role. It will give you current references and allow you to keep using and developing your skills.

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