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The Newbie Survival Guide: How to survive your first day

It can be a tough environment in the world of work. On your first day at a new job, you will probably feel a range of emotions from excitement, joy and nerves. Before you spend the day watching the clock to strike 5 pm, check out our tips to help your first day of work run smoothly.

Do some research

Before your first day, you should research the environment before going in. Sometimes you will be able to get a sneak-peak into the company culture. Websites like Glassdoor can be useful in finding out what’s it like to work at the company, dress code etc from previous and current employees.

Show up early

Being late on your first day of work is the quickest way to make a horrible first impression. Try and arrive early and we’re not talking about camping outside your new office. If everyone starts at 9 am you should try and get there 10 or 15 minutes early. You should do a test run before your actual first day to see what the best route is, what delays there may be, and adjust your commuting accordingly.

Adapt to the office culture

During your first week, you should listen carefully and observe. This will help you learn the company culture and adapt accordingly. Accept lunch invitations and dress appropriately and build rapport with those around you. You’re the new person in the office so you should be the one to reach out to your colleagues and not the other way round. Offer to make a drink for your new colleagues. This will help to break the ice and help you make new friends and fit in quickly.

Tip: Aim to make an averagely good cuppa. Make a bad cup of tea and you will be remembered forever for it, make an awesome cup of tea and you’ll be the tea maker in the office.

Remembering names

It’s hard to remember everyone’s names on the first day and even the first week. Nobody can reasonably expect you to remember the names of all your new colleagues straight away. A simple trick to memorising names is to repeat everyone’s name after an introduction out loud and in your head and address them by their name whenever it’s appropriate.

Offer to help

Let your team and your boss know that you’re there to help, whether it’s carrying a pile of files or helping a co-worker on a project. And always remember to say yes and be agreeable to all requests! When you get settled in you will have the opportunity to say no and people will respect you for it. If you make yourself unavailable to your team at the start you will miss out on big opportunities in the future such as promotions and pay rises. This is how you become an effective team player.

What advice would you give a someone starting a new job today?

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