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The truth about Graduate Recruitment jobs

So, you’ve finished university, earned your degree and now you’re eager to start your career. Not sure what to do next? It’s not always easy to make key career decisions when there are so many options out there.

What does a recruiter do?

Recruitment is a big business and being a recruitment consultant is a multi-faceted role. They’re networkers, marketers, problem solvers, interviewers and negotiators. It’s the recruiter’s job to find the perfect candidate, get them engaged and assess their suitability for the job. They also have to market their services to organisations and convince them of the value they can add to their recruitment process. Once they have found the right candidate, they negotiate and advise both the candidate and the hiring manager on issues such as training, salary, benefits etc.

What skills do you need to be a recruitment consultant?

To become a recruitment consultant, you need to have ambition. The recruitment industry is a target driven industry. So, you have to be competitive and have ambition for yourself, your clients and your candidates. People skills are also very important in recruitment. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings and a slower workflow. You have to be adaptable, and a good problem solver and you need to be an independent-minded self-starter and have a high level of confidence. Find out which skills you should have to be a recruiter here.

Is recruitment a good career?

Here are a few reasons why recruitment is a good career choice for graduates.

High remuneration- The more successful you are at the job and the more targets you hit, the better you will be rewarded.

Progression opportunities- This is an industry where you are judged on performance, not by time served. You are recognised for your hard work. If you are a top performer, you can progress more quickly to senior roles.

Scope for development- Most recruitment agencies provide full training, coaching and mentorship to help you develop your career. You will gain practical business experience and you will have the opportunity to meet with business leaders and assess their resourcing challenges and help them grow their business.

Variety- Each day is different. One day you could be out and about meeting with clients and candidates, the next running interview sessions or attending networking events.

Gain international experience easily- Because of advancements in technology, recruiters can recruit worldwide from anywhere. This may lead to opportunities to travel and gain international experience.

Great networking opportunity- Recruitment is a sales job, but it is also an opportunity to build a network. If you decide to start a career in recruitment you should make the most of the people you work with. The people you will work with were once graduates too and are experts in their field and they may be able to help you later on in your career whether you decide to stay in recruitment or not.

Challenging- Full disclosure recruitment is hard – but all things worth doing are. You have to be driven and resilient to become a successful recruitment consultant. Some days it can be a real grind trying to find that perfect candidate but at the end, there is a reward for everyone involved.

How do agencies benefit graduates?

Many recruitment agencies cater to niche markets. Cadence Resourcing specialises in IT recruitment which means that our candidates are experts and people looking for roles in this industry, which makes the potential of finding the perfect candidate for our clients easier and higher. General agencies might put forward any IT graduate who may not be suited to the specific branch that a business is looking for.

Where can I find jobs?

If you’re thinking about working as a graduate recruitment consultant and start building your career and skillset. We would love to hear from you! Give us a call on 0117 403 1444 and speak to Megan or send an email to

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