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The Ultimate Guide For a Newbie Recruiter

So you’ve decided to join the wonderful world of recruitment. That’s great! The recruitment industry is one of fastest growing industries in the 21st century and it offers individuals the opportunity to enjoy a promising and exciting career that other sectors don’t offer. Here are some tips on how to navigate and excel in your new job as a recruitment consultant.

Joining the team 

It can be daunting when joining a new team, but a few simple tips can help you settle in, make the most of the experience and give the right first impression.

Get up early! Give yourself time in the morning to make sure you are ready for your first day. Have a good breakfast and make sure you aren’t rushing, so you arrive at work feeling relaxed and ready for the day ahead.

Dress smartly! Looking and feeling professional goes a long way. You will make a great impression and feel confident.

Say hello! Sales offices are sociable places, so make the most this – get involved with the conversation and get to know your colleagues

Take notes

You should expect a steep learning curve as there’s a lot of information to take in at the start. You are not going to be able to remember everything you learn during your training, so it is important to make notes. Write it down, review it, and then implement it!

Phone calls

Expect to be making lots of calls to candidates in the early days, trying to fill roles with existing customers. When you start making outbound sales calls you will need to be resilient. There’s a lot of rejection when you start out. You must learn quickly how to overcome objections and start to influence positively. At Cadence we believe in offering our clients a high level of service, so it is important that you thoroughly research your market. However in the beginning, there really is no substitute for making a large volume of calls, learning from every mistake and building your sales pipeline.


The important thing when you start a career in recruitment is to make sure you listen and learn; listen to the candidates and learn about what they do on a day to day basis. Listen to your colleagues and learn from them about how to approach delivering clients and also how to approach new business sales calls.

Work hard and play hard!

There are often social activities going on, so after a successful day working hard, let your hair down, join in with the fun and make the most of all the fantastic eateries, pubs/bars, festivals and live music that Bristol has to offer.

Recruitment is an incredibly competitive sector but it can also be incredibly rewarding. If you can tough out the first few months, and demonstrate that you are constantly learning you stand a very good chance of success!

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