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Top 5 benefits of using GitHub

If you’re web savvy you will most likely have heard of GitHub. GitHub is a web-based repository hosting service for Git. When developers make a code, they constantly have to make changes and updates to it. Open source version control systems like Git help developers manage their code changes and collaborate with other developers. Although Git is used by developers for creating code, it is also great for non-coding teams.

So why should you be using Git? Here are top 5 benefits why you and your team should get involved.

Easy contribution for your top open source projects

Most open source projects use GitHub. It’s free and has features like wikis and issue trackers. This makes for better documentation and feedback. Users also get to accept contributions that come from the community.

Showcase your work

If you’re a developer who wants to attract recruiters, GitHub is one of the best tools you can use to rely on for this. Most companies look into GitHub profiles when looking for new recruits. If you have a profile you have a higher chance of getting recruited even if you’re not from a top university.

GitHub is a repository which means it allows for your work to get out there for the public. It will give wide exposure to your projects.

Track changes

There is a feature called Gists that allows you to turn one or more files into a repository, which means it is easier to share and track changes. This is great when you have multiple people contributing to a project. GitHub takes care of the problem for you.

Meet new developers

There are thousands of developers worldwide who use GitHub. This is a place where they share and express ideas. And it would be a great place to meet likeminded people and share your idea.

Integration Options

A great thing about GitHub is that you can integrate with platforms such as Google Cloud and Amazon to track your feedback and can highlight syntax in 200 different programming languages.

Have you used GitHub before? What other advantages do you think there are of using GitHub?

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