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Why you should use a recruitment agency

Here is how a recruitment agency can help your business.


Recruitment agencies help you save time sifting through applications so that you only have to make time to view the candidates worth considering. Moreover, a recruitment agency will schedule interviews and prepare the candidates with all the information they need so the only thing you have to do is prepare and show up.


If you’re looking for a candidate with specific skills that may be difficult to find, a recruiter’s industry expertise and market knowledge will be very useful. Recruiters are industry specialists in their markets and can give your hiring team regular insight into what is happening is happening in the industry and job market- salary rates, career expectations etc.

Short term cost savings

Using an agency can provide these short cost-savers:

  • Removes the cost of  job adverts
  • Reduces the likelihood and cost of hiring a candidate unfit for the role
  • Removes impact on in-house staff who can continue to perform their other duties

Long-term cost savings

These are the long term cost savings of using a recruitment agency:

  • Reduces future hiring costs if you use the same recruitment agent again as the agent will have knowledge of your organisation which will make the process will be quicker.
  • Reduces training costs as some agencies offer candidates the chance to learn field-specific regulations whilst searching for a job.

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