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Reasons why you’re not hearing back from jobs

Not getting the response you want from job searches? This is why.

It can be disheartening to apply for jobs and not get any response back from the employers. And it can be challenging to know whether to keep applying or wait until you get an answer from a position you have just applied for. There a few logical reasons why you may not be hearing back from anyone.

The job has been filled

Sometimes companies post job adverts as a formality and they may already have an internal candidate in mind. It could also be as simple as they haven’t got round to removing the job listing. In addition, the role could be on multiple job board so sometimes companies don’t know where their job listings are.

You aren’t qualified

If you’re a recent graduate and you apply for roles asking for someone with a few more years of experience, then you’re unlikely to get a response. Don’t apply for jobs that you know you’re not qualified to/where you know you don’t fit the requirements in the jobs description. And you shouldn’t take it personally either because it is just business, because they are just trying to hire the most qualified person for the job.

Your LinkedIn profile is not up to par

Companies are increasingly using LinkedIn for hiring and recruiters it is a common resource for recruiters. Are you active on LinkedIn? Is your profile on the complete? If you don’t already have a profile you should sign up to it and start making connections. It could help you land your next role! Check out our tips to help you optimise your LinkedIn profile and grab recruiters’ attention.

You’re not a good fit for a company

If you have proceeded to the interview stage and haven’t heard back from them could be because the hiring manager doesn’t think you would be a good fit for the company. They also may have decided to put a hold on filling the role.

Your social media presence is scaring employers away

Employers will try and gain as much evidence as possible to validate their choice or eliminate a bad candidate. Social media has become a large part of everyone’s everyday lives.

A majority of hiring managers have admitted to going online to research a candidate when considering them for a role. Check out our blog post about how your social media presence could be harming your job searching efforts.

Your CV is not good enough

Make sure you’re submitting a well-formatted CV with no grammatical errors or typos. Check out our blog post with tips to help you write a winning CV.

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